Incorporating music and sound as our third partner in the bodywork dance, sessions are rhythmic and musical, flowing and intuitive, inspired and integrative.
The foundation of this bodywork is muscle and tissue, but ultimately we are going on a meditative journey together... accessing deep relaxation, altered states of consciousness, stress reduction, somatic & emotional healing, and energy flow within the bodymind.

What music will we play? It is up to you. You can either bring your own or allow me to provide whatever supports your mood or intention.

Trained and/or certified in many modalities - swedish/
esalen, shiatsu, craniosacral, energy work, and more. Rocking, rolling, jiggling, tapping, squeezing, kneading, compressing, lifting, expanding... having over 30 years of experience touching people professionally, I love it and stream this love through my hands to you.

Add-ons: Aromatherapy, Assisted FasciaBlasting, Far Infrared Sauna, Beautiful Bathtub with Salts & Essential Oils